Dancing with the Stars

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Candid shot of @petamurgatroyd @iamvalc & I rehearsing the @macys number for tonight. It’s going to be awesome!! #MacysStarsOfDance #dwts #dwts18@dancingabc #love


DWTS Opening Number - Week 6

Kelly: They did not show me arguing with him for 30 minutes not to do it. because it defy gravity

Val: She putted negative emotions into the universe *laughs*

Kelly: It was impossible. I was like please show me one person on the planet that can actually do this. Anyways i did it anyway and I have two ribs out of place,and i have a lump in my chest and i couldn’t breathe for a day, but i am fine.

Val: I felt bad. I would be the first to admit, that i am not good with the tricks. I have never done them in my competitive years. I’ve always been about the dance and just communication, chemistry, relationships on the floor. I was never about the cheese and all the cherries on top. I was more about the filling. But i tried you know, and i thought thats what people wanted to see in a marathon and you know i learned my lesson *laughs*

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A “How To” Tutorial by Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Requested by Kenzi…I just added my own little twist to it lol

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It’s National High Five Day!. Danica & Val know what’s up.

Zendaya took on our ballroom technique better than anyone else in the competition.                                                                                                         - DWTS Sharna Burgess

This is a 16 year old with a focus of a 28 year old. She’s spot on with everything. It’s a great match up with Val because he takes so much care of his celebrities and he really thinks about it a lot. It’s a great match between the two of them. You can see it in that one line in that jive that they did. You could see her arm was straight, leg was turned out. Everything was picture perfect. That is dedication.                                                                                                                                                                     - DWTS Henry Byalikov

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